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Frustrated working on your own DIY website?

Feel confident with a skilled and knowledgeable helper by your side. Any platform, small or big challenges, I can help!

Frustrated working on DIY website

What does it mean to have a helper by your side?

Once we have established our working relationship, you can access me for assistance on anything related to your website plans and efforts. I can help you get started with your design and layout, I understand UX user-experience and how to help visitors navigate your website successfully. I can suggest additional online tools and demonstrate how best to use them. Sometimes websites simply break, and valuable time and effort are lost trying to find the perfect fix. I can jump in, and together we can get it working and provide you with the training you need to make your website stand out and get noticed.
Whatever it is, on any platform you’re using, I can help!

How it Works


Have a question? Feel free to give me a call or send an email. I will do my best to respond efficiently and help explain all the ways we can work together to help you achieve success.This is a great way to see if we "fit" as a team.

Meet Sherry

I have been creating websites for clients since 1995. More and more often clients have been referring people just like you to me. People who have made their own website, but need a little help now and then. I’m that helper, efficient and affordable.

Get Help

Not sure what’s happening with your website? Let’s talk about it. Schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation and we will put our heads together and figure out a great solution. Just find an open date/time on my Calendar and I’ll set us up with a ZOOM call.

My Services

One of the benefits I’ve discovered in working so long in this industry is having learned what my strengths truly are. I’ve spent many successful years in the development and marketing aspects of web design, however many of my clientele have said the training and empowerment I provided them while working together was their most valued benefit of their success.
This aspect of the work is most rewarding to me and drives me moving forward.
Lots of people currently have good websites and there are many opportunities available for DIY build your own websites. But where do you go when you want to do more? That is where I come in, with my skills and expertise, no matter what size of organization you are, we can work together to improve, expand and create the
perfect website for you.

To shine the light on you work with tools and support.

Website Helper

Helping you at your pain points as you develop your own website. Choose; One-time, Project-based, or Monthly-subscription

1 hr minimum

$35/hour – $55/hour

Training & Support

Live and recorded sessions of our work together and additional video lessons with general overviews as necessary.

1 hr minimum


Website Updates

In the event you want to hand off some of the work needed on your website to me, I can charge by the hour or bid on the task list in total.

1 hr minimum


Why Get Help?

“I got this. Its not that difficult. It must be right in front of me. Why can’t I do this…”

Sound familiar? Sometimes just a person to ask a question, or just a reminder where to find something is all that you need. My services are efficient, affordable and helpful.







Summer Special

10% Off regular pricing

All new clients get this special price through the last day of Summer  (September 22, 2024).

I don’t want my current clients to feel left out, so if you can refer me to a new client (and they begin to work with me), you can also get 10% off a future session. Of course, if you let them know before summer, you both can get a discount!

Client & Partner Reviews

“The best helpers know their topic, have a gift for sharing it, and a commitment to do the work. Sherry has helped me on web, blog, newsletter, and ecommerce projects – ranging from healing to farming. Sherry’s assistance gave me better and more timely outcomes. And – always – she’s a joy to work with.”
~ Lars Clausen

“Sometimes, when you’re striving to manifest a dream and make things happen, you find someone who has the knowledge, the talent, the kindness, and the passion to empower you. Some might call Sherry a tech person, a website designer, or graphic artist because she brings these talents to her work. I think of her as a computer angel. And a dream maker. I’ve worked with her on three different projects, and I absolutely recommend her services! She will be there for you. She’ll take the complex and make it understandable. She’ll guide with a gentle, sure hand.
She’ll help you make things happen.”
~ Jeanne Mcelvaney

“It is such a relief to know Sherry can step in and help me as I need it. She is patient, fun to work with, and incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to all things website! Her coaching has helped me improve several of my websites and her eye for design is impeccable. I don’t always have the budget for a complete website remodel or a new one, so it’s so helpful to know Sherry can help me work on things as I need it.”
~ Erin MacCoy

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